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The First Time

Contest Alert!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post
to announce a contest!



Who: Teen girls (13-18)


What: A Signed Copy of One Wish


Where: Here!


When: Now!


How: It’s SO easy!


First, you have to be female, and you must be between 13 and 18 years old.

This is an international contest: you do not have to reside in the US to enter.


Send me a message at leighbrescia(at)yahoo(dot)com with “Contest” in the subject line.


Here’s what happens:


I’ll reply to your email with a message to you and an attachment.

The attachment will be a pdf of the first 30 pages of my new YA novel, One Wish.

(This special preview is just for you!)


To enter the contest, you must forward the message (make sure the preview is attached!) to FIVE girlfriends (they can live anywhere in the world, but they must be between 13-18 years old).


Once the message is forwarded to five friends, come back to this journal message and reply with:


1. The Tagline: Mission Accomplished!

2. Your First Name/Screen Name

3. Your Age

4. Your Email Address [so I’ll know how to contact you if you win! Make sure you spell out your entire address (i.e. leighbrescia(at)yahoo(dot)com) so you don’t get spammed!]

5. Why you would love to win a signed copy of One Wish (keep it short/simple!):


If you receive the preview and announcement from a friend, half the battle is won! Just forward it to five of YOUR friends, and reply to this post with the above information (1-5).


The contest ends on Friday, July 31st at midnight Eastern.


A winner will be chosen at random and notified by email (and announced on the blog).


(This will kickstart a Fabulous August, where I will be helping YOU get ready for school by solving as many of your friend/boy/school problems as possible. Need advice? Email me at leighbrescia@yahoo.com with August Advice in the subject line. Keep your question concise (3-5 sentences if possible) and check back during the month to see if your question is answered).


In the meantime, get those pdf requests in and start forwarding, then don’t forget to come back and enter!


Good Luck!






My One Wish is I wish were 13 then I could enter. Good luck. The prize is worth the effort. I've read the book. :D
2. age: 15
3. perfectlittleangel(at)wi.rr.com
4. I would love to win a signed copy of The Wish because it sounds exactly like my kind of read.

Misson Accomplished!

1. Nicole
2. 14
3. nicole143_(at)hotmail(dot)com
4. I started reading the excerpt and i want, no need it in my life's collection of what i need.It was great!!:}
You can forward it however you wish. Facebook is cool with me. :)

Sadly, it isn't out in the UK yet, but it is listed on Amazon UK from a few independent sellers. :)

Mission Accomplished!

15 years of age
infinitemusic19 at gmail dot com
I would loved to win a signed copy of One Wish because this book sounds exactly like a book I would read, it looks really good!

PS- I didn't exactly email this, but I sent my friends a link to this, considering that most of them don't really check their emails! I hope that's okay, too. :)


Mission Accomplished

2. Mariah
3. 16
5. I would like to win this book because it sounds awesome and really liked the first 30 pages of it!
Wish I was between 13 and 18 again - but ONLY so I could enter this contest!

Mission Accomplished

I would love to win One Wish because...everybody needs a wish granted in their lives:)

Mission Accomplished!

2. Liyana/ dy0ulee
3. 17
4. loony_balooga_91(AT)hotmail(DOT)com
5. I think I can relate to it well, and I love reading stories like this. ;)

Mission Accomplished!

1. Amanda
2. 16
3. missxamanda874(at)aim(dot)com
4. I'd love to win because books are such a huge part of my life, and finding new authors with amazing books is incredibly exciting for me. =]

Mission Accomplished!~ (VICTORY!)

My name is Cary and I'm 18 years old. My email address is lalageorly(at)yahoo(dot)com.

There's actually a kinda of unusual reason I'd really love a copy of "One Wish"- I'm 5'2" and fat, just like Wrenn, haha. I remember when I was about 11 and really getting into reading, I kept asking myself "Why aren't there any good books about fat girls?" Of course, I know now that there are good books about fat girls, but at the time it felt like every "awkward girl" book was about a girl who didn't have boobs (I got them early and there was NOTHING great about them), who was too tall (I'd have killed for another 2 inches to be tacked on to my height!) or had red hair (what was wrong about having red hair? My sister had red hair and she fit in just fine). So now that I'm older, anytime I find a good "fat girl" book, I get a copy of it and keep it on my shelf to reread any time I'm feeling not-quite at my best :)

I know that's a long reason- sorry >.

Mission Accomplished!

after reading the first 30 pages I would simply like to read more, and I would love to be lucky enough to have a signed copy of this book.
The First Time

November 2011

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